Enetech Sp. z o.o.

Enetech is a company operating in the field of energy efficiency and energy consulting for 6 years. The main product offered by the company is Mobile Heat Storage , that uses phase change materials, enabling the transport of thermal energy over short distances (up to 30km) outside the heat distribution network. Our company is the first in Poland that offers a comprehensive service for the implementation of this technology: from the feasibility study, including the scope of investment and return time analysis, through the design of the installation, to its implementation and integration with the currently used heating system of the plant.

Mobile Heat Storage can be used in various sectors of industry, e.g.:
•    factories that produce significant amounts of waste heat
•    heating plants and combined heat and power plants
•    biogas plant
•    sewage treatment plants

The system is based on two tanks filled with phase-change material. According to the presented concept, heat is transported to the final receiver by containers, left for the time of their discharge. During this time the second container is filled at the charging station. Benefits are for both the energy provider and the end user.

In addition to implementing the Mobile Heat Storage solution on the market, the company deals with energy audits, implementation of the Energy Management System compliant with the EN ISO 50001 standard in enterprises and broadly understood energy consultancy.