MakeGrowLab consults, designs and produces eco-materials for added-value products for mission-driven companies. MakeGrowLab will limit the use of petroleum-based products, such as plastic packaging, and eliminating the use of harmful textiles such as leather. by replacing them with renewable, 100% plastic-free and compostable biomaterials. Start-Up has a technology with a renewable and sustainable process that does not pollute the environment but enriches it. The technology converts biomass into products and raw materials with the participation of microorganisms. The process does not require much space and sunlight. The main product of the process is organic material that is durable and non-toxic. It provides more protection against oxygen and the external environment than paper (oxygen is the main reason why many products are stored in plastic, not paper). This material can be grown locally anywhere in the world, with limited space and local resources. At the end of use, the material will decompose under the conditions of a home composter, which can later be used to grow more food, which will sooner or later become waste again, creating a circular economy.

MakeGrowLab spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia is registered in Pulawy. The company has a laboratory and office in Pulawski Park naukowo technologiczny, which has advantages in the biochemical sector and vast material companies. In 2019 we secured funding (from Climate-KIC competition) and started to build pilot production. MakeGrowLab is able to produce two MVP products:

SCOBY packaging 100% plastic-free, home compostable packaging material with new and unique characteristics to any market. Two options are available and are as follows:1) Standardized sheets of material for those companies who wish to make their own designs. 2) A design service that delivers tailored packaging for the needs of B2B clients.


Trans-Leather A unique leather alternative is 100% plastic-free and vegan-friendly. Excellent for the fashion, interior, and H&B industry. Significantly more efficient than animal-based leather grows in a couple of weeks and requires fewer certifications. A valuable high margin product that will deliver revenue during the R&D stage of packaging.

Future Products: Food packaging and licensing to penetrate the market.

The activities of MakeGrowLab perfectly match the observed market and legislative trends:

· Minimization of waste and reduction of plastic consumption,

· Energy savings in the production process,

· The increase in pro-ecological consumer attitudes, resulting in an increasingly intensive search for environmentally friendly products

· Limitation of excessive exploitation of forest areas and use of agricultural crops (the raw material is waste from cultivation/production)