Venturis HoReCa

Venturis HoReCa

Who we are
We are a food waste management company specializing in turning waste into gold in hospitality industry. How we do this alchemy? We provide an IT system called KuMin.Sys, methodology, and solutions to optimize financial results via better planning of production. 

Globally food waste management business is growing by 6% per annum and should reach the level of 38 billion EUR by 2022. Only in the US by the end of 2018, food waste management start-ups secured 115 mln EUR in venture capital. We estimate that hotels’ sector in Poland loses at least 400 mln EUR every year due to overproduction and food waste. It is equivalent of 1000 Bentleys or almost 7 tons of gold. 

What we do
Our ambition is to revolutionize traditional low tech gastronomy business and become number one global company to help hospitality sector in achieving better results by cutting waste and costs. Our job is to: reduce waste; reduce cost; and increase profitability of gastro business. Fundamental question that we pose is: should a kitchen be run with a lot of waste or instead should it be like efficient Toyota factory where every euro counts?

Our IT system: KuMin.Sys
If you measure the waste you can manage the waste. The more you know about it the more you can do something about it, and that’s where technology helps. KuMin.Sys supports kitchens and staff in their daily efforts for optimal production and reduction of food waste. The system offers user friendly and intuitive interface for weighing together with managerial panel. It enables constant monitoring of the scale, structure, quantity, and value of food waste thanks to a) registering and categorizing of food waste and production data, and b) observing results in a real time via managerial panel. 
KuMin.Sys consists of hardware (a standard tablet linked with a scale and a special handler for comfortable work) as well as software (intuitive graphical interface for a user). Data is recorded in one central database and automatically shown in the managerial panel.  Unlike our competition that measures food waste (usually scraps from production process – easy), we are focusing on key and fundamental issue: less waste via better and more optimal planning of production.

KuMin.Sys is used to: 
•Measure quantity, structure, and monetary value of overproduction and food waste;
•Plan optimal level of production based on analysed data on what and how much is actually eaten by guests;
•Define optimal/referential level of food cost per dish/meal/day etc.;
•Manage warehouse/stock rooms (on-line stock take);
•Integrate production with recipes, warehouse management, purchases and data on customers’ preferences (what is eaten and how much). 

Key value proposition for our customers
1.cutting waste by 80% within a year;
2.cutting costs of overproduction by reducing waste (400,000 EUR p.a. for 340-room hotel);
3.increasing profitability of gastro business (at least by 15% p.a.);
4.return on investment after 1 month.

Contact details
Tomasz Szuba, CEO/founder
Venturis HoReCa; Warszawa, Poland
+48 604 179 122