Kwiecinski Business Advisory

Kwiecinski Business Advisory is a strategic design agency that combines a strategic perspective with user-oriented innovation to create, improve and scale products, services and organizations, also based on the principles of sustainable development.

We believe that endless economic growth is not possible and that our current exploitation of natural resources will entail huge costs for the environment. Customers are increasingly choosing responsible companies, taking into account their impact on society and the environment. Sustainability is the new engine of sales, customer loyalty and profit.

We can help you design and implement business strategies based on a circular model and in introducing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to your strategy. We also help assess the potential of planned projects.

To make your business part of the circular economy, we help you develop sustainable products and services that not only make your customers choose your business, but also pave the way for a positive change in their behavior. We will support you at every stage of the development process for your product or service - from understanding customer needs, brainstorming and developing value propositions, designing and testing new solutions, to implementing them.

If you already have your products, we can help you attract new customers or keep you updated by improving their experience. We help to understand customer behavior and how they use products and services. By responding to the problems and needs of customers, you will better match your offer to their needs.

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