The Płock Industrial and Technological Park (PPPT)

The Płock Industrial and Technological Park (PPPT) is an investment area established to create attractive conditions for the development of enterprises as a joint venture of the City of Płock and PKN ORLEN SA. Local authorities and the management of the Group decided to jointly implement the Park, aiming to stimulate the development of knowledge and science, creating innovation, implementing R & D projects, offering business benefits and striving to create new, attractive jobs in Płock.

PPPT offers its clients about 60 hectares of connected investment areas, equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure, and attractive office space. From 2014 and 2015, the Park has new facilities for the Corporate Services Center and Central Laboratory, designed for investors and business and corporate partners of the Płock Industrial and Technological Park, offering modern business services as well as research and implementation services.

As an institution of the business environment, PPPT provides its partners and investors with a wide range of development services to support and stimulate entrepreneurship. Through cooperation with universities, research institutes, entrepreneurs, public administration, business environment institutions and international organizations, the Park builds a strong network of cooperation and supports and initiates R & D.

PPPT as a part of the Orlen capital group and as a technology park that brings together companies from the chemical industry is keenly interested in promoting the closed loop economy among its stakeholders. Changes to the circular economy regulations will shape the future of the chemical industry in a significant way. PPPT organizes events related to the promotion of Circular Economy among companies from the Płock region and companies associated in the Mazovian Cluster of Chemicals. PPPT is active in the field of indicating GOZ as an opportunity for development for many Polish companies in the coming years.