MATЯ is an award-winning circular economy startup based in Vienna offering an innovative mattress-as-a-service solution to hotels. Their mission is to enable hotels to provide a premium sleep experience for their guests, and improve their environmental footprint in an accessible, effortless way.


The company was founded in 2022 by Verena and Michaela, two impact-driven entrepreneurs passionate about designing out waste from the mattress industry. It all started when they came across the shocking statistic that 30 million mattresses end up as waste in Europe every year.


The problem? Mattresses are designed to end up as waste after being used once. Verena and Michaela decided it was time to put this problem to bed. That’s why MATЯ was born: The first all-in-one mattress solution that embeds circular economy design right from the start, featuring a premium mattress made from just 2 high quality materials, hassle-free digital mattress management and flexible financing. MATЯ mattresses never end up as waste and always go back into the material cycle, resulting in a carbon footprint 50% less than conventional mattresses.


MATЯ’s vision is to make sleep matter in the hospitality industry and to be the leading creator of innovative, regenerative sleeping experiences. Find out more at