Syntoil S.A.

Syntoil S.A. is the originator and developer of a way to recycle tyre recycling products in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. The startup deals with the processing of these products within a closed-loop economy, in which recycled products are reintroduced in the production of tyres and rubber products. The company's main field of activity is the processing of carboniser (contaminated carbon black) from used tyres into technical carbon black and the processing of rubber granules (product) from tyres in a safe, continuous pyrolysis process in a small reactor.

The company's product is carbon black derived from recycled raw materials produced in an alternative, environmentally sustainable way by purifying carbon black (contaminated carbon black) from recycled tyres.
Carbon black is burned in cement plants because until now no one has been able to purify it. Syntoil has found a way to do this and now makes technical carbon black from it, which is then sold to carbon black distributors and rubber manufacturers, who use this product as a filler for rubber compounds.
Syntoil S.A. is an impact startup, and in addition to their stable business model, they also have a positive impact on climate change. They reduce the use of burning fossil fuels such as oil for the formation of traditional soot and the production of CO2.

The proprietary cleaning method has been patented.

Syntoil SA's solution has won numerous awards abroad and in Poland.  They were the runner-up in the global Chivas Venture competition at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam for startups that have a significant impact on improving the environment, among other things. They won the Grand Prix at the TDJ Pitango Seed Contest. In 2019, they were awarded the title "Millenials of Tranformation" by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of the Republic of Poland Ms. Jadwiga Emilewicz during the Polish Business Forum 1989-2019. They won the Polish final of the Central European Startup Awards in three categories: Startup of the Year, Impact Startup of the Year and Female Founder of The Year. They are also finalists in the Aulery competition for startups with the greatest expansion potential and finalists in the Climate-KIC competition for green businesses.