Pheno Horizon

PHENO HORIZON (OLP Sp. Z o.o.) combines the knowledge of urban planners, economists and sociologists, and our main goal is to build a better living space within cities, communes, poviats, provinces and entire regions. We rely on excellent knowledge of local conditions as well as ongoing projects and initiatives that are already conducive to the development of regions. The cooperation of experts in various fields guarantees the invaluable synergy effect. The principle of partnership is of key importance to us in the ongoing work. In the process of creating development documents, we involve project stakeholders who are invited to actively work out the results of the work. We operate based on our own program, based on workshops and social consultations. The social voice is an undeniable value for us. We believe that each of the partners invited to cooperation at various stages of the contract brings invaluable knowledge and interesting points of view to the work.

An example of circular solutions used:

- PHENO HORIZON and IGiPZ PAN are Polish partners of the REPAiR project - Horizon 2020 No 688920, whose aim is to research and provide tools for implementing the idea of ​​circular economy in the processes of city metabolism (project leader: Techical University of Delft)

- In August 2018 PHENO HORIZON together with ASM Market Research and Analysis Center developed one of the first surveys on the circular state scan of the economy in Poland - a report verifying the state of links within the RIS industry in the Lodz voivodeship prepared as part of the Synergic Circular Economy project across European Regions SCREEN - Horizon 2020 No 730313 (project leader: Regione Lazio)

- In 2019, PHENO HORIZON begins work on the WATERDRIVE project which will result in the improvement of the quality of the Baltic Sea basin (project leader: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).