Kawalec Consulting GmbH

Kawalec Consulting GmbH is a limited liability company registered in Switzerland. Dr inż. Paweł Kawalec, a graduate of AGH in Krakow, from 2000 to 2008 he worked at the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering as an assistant and later as Adjunct. In 2008, he started working at Holcim Technology - a consulting company, dealing mainly with the optimization of mineral extraction for cement production, in order to minimize costs, ensure sustainable raw materials management as well as quality management of the raw material delivered to the cement plant. The above issues were the subject of many projects, including the most important ones in Indonesia, Russia, Romania, the Philippines, Uganda, Algeria and many others.
Since 2016 he has been running his own business, which in 2018 gained legal personality as Kawalec Consulting GmbH.

The main fields of the company's activity are a continuation of the experience gained at work for the Holcim Group, extended, however, with modern IT solutions in the spirit of the idea of ​​Industry 4.0. Together with the cooperating companies and consultants, we are able to advise on the entire production process of cement, aggregates and industrial mineral resources, from the recognition of the geological deposit to the process of loading and distribution of finished products.

The circular economy activity includes optimization of the use of mineral resources and minimization of accompanying waste, searching for new applications for waste materials as well as limiting the impact of exploitation on the environment.

The company is a distributor of modern IT solutions such as: O-Pitblast - a revolutionary solution in the field of optimization and design of blasting works, or Talpasolution - telematics solutions and analysis of production data for a fleet of technological trucks.

In addition, the company develops its own IT products and promotes the use of drones in open-cast mines.