The origin of the EKOTECH Group dates back to 1992. Our first projects dealt with the restoration and macroleveling of degraded land.

Over time, we have expanded our business to include the manufacturing of specialist construction materials based on anthropogenic minerals. The year 2008 marked a turning point for our company when we began work on the development of a range of modern hydraulic binders under the TEFRA® project. To this day, more than one million tons were sold, making TEFRA® the Group’s flagship brand.

The EKOTECH Group was created by innovations. We constantly work on improving our products by developing cooperation with leading R&D centers, including the Universities of Technology in Warsaw, Częstochowa, and Łódź and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

We also work with a number of institutions, such as the Road and Bridge Research Institute, the Institute of Power Engineering, the Fertilizers Research Institute in Puławy, and the AGH University of Science and Technology.

A circular economy is much broader than recycling which focuses only on the final stage of a product’s lifecycle and reusing the waste it generated.

In our case, the product that we’re putting back into circulation is ash generated in the process of hard coal combustion, which is used in the construction industry and agriculture.