Ursa Maior

The Ursa Maior microbrewery is 100 percent powered by the sun. At the moment when the production of electricity from the sun exceeds the demand of devices in the building, it is transferred to the local power grid. There is a special label to recognize that beer has been produced thanks to solar energy. The power of the photovoltaic generator is 50 kWp. The brewery uses energy-saving power receivers, LED bulbs and pumps. Special procedures used in the production of beer allow you to save up to 50% of electricity, water and gas compared to the standard consumption in industry. 20 solar panels heat up 4000 liters of water used for production and by Ursa Maior guests at one time. This provides about 80% of the total need for hot water. Approximately 500,000 liters of rainwater is collected annually, which is introduced into the ground around Ursa Maior, used for watering plants and trees of old varieties and water replenishment in ponds for marquise trees. About the same amount of water for beer production and other purposes is drawn from the own well next to the building. 100% of water from the production of beer, kitchens and bathrooms is recycled in two own Garden Wastewater Treatment Plants. The plants growing in them, combined with natural microorganisms, make it possible for the water to be reintroduced into the ground near Ursa Maior. This is a unique Plant Water Recycling System that mimics natural processes. All beers are 100% VEGAN beer - their production does not use ingredients of animal origin, i.e. honey, lactose, karuk, gelatine, etc.