BACterm biotechnology company founded by dr hab. Magdalena Popowska, prof. UW in 2016. BACTrem Sp z o.o. uses useful bacteria to protect the environment and pro-ecological agriculture. It develops new biotechnologies, including biopreparations for the biodegradation of toxic and dangerous substances, so as to effectively carry out bioremediation of soils, sediments and wastes, among others eliminate contamination with petroleum derivatives, creosote oil, pesticides and deactivate heavy metals.

We have also developed biopreparations dedicated to agriculture based on beneficial soil bacteria that restore fertility and productivity to agricultural soils. Bacteria contained in these biopreparations from the BIOSTIM series combine atmospheric nitrogen, provide phosphorus from organic compounds contained in the soil, break down organic matter contributing to the formation of humus, restore the natural pH soil and natural biodiversity soil microflora, and eliminate toxic effects of pesticides and support the removal of phytopathogens. They provide plants with life-requiring elements, appropriate structure and soil moisture, thanks to which they have better conditions for growth and development. The use of these biopreparations allows to limit the use of fungicides, bactericides (pesticides) and mineral fertilizers by up to 30% on fields (as well as in greenhouses and gardens), and at the same time produce environmentally friendly food.

The effects of all our preparations are based on the synergistic interaction of the bacteria grouped into consortia. The preparations do not contain synthetic compounds or genetic modification. Bacteria included in the preparations are not pathogens of humans, animals and plants. The preparations have been thoroughly tested and have the required approvals.

The company also conducts service activities by performing small bioremediation of the ground or biodegradation of hazardous waste on the client's premises as well as R & D works for the agricultural sector and microbiological tests specifically dedicated to environmental protection. The BACTrem company has been awarded many times for its solutions.

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