Webinar: Taking cotton recycling to the next level


The post-consumer textile waste problem is looming large, and industry leaders are committed to solving this issue. In 2019, Circle Economy and Recover are taking action to address key barriers to cotton recycling and help scale up the use of mechanically recycled post-consumer cotton.

Brands and retailers know the future is circular, and recycled textiles are a vital part of this industry transformation. Many brands and retailers have signed commitments or set targets in order to take action on post-consumer textile waste. However, understanding the practical considerations in designing and implementing closed loop supply chains is difficult, and no one company can do it alone. Circle Economy and Recover have set up the Cotton Recycling Pilot to make it easier for industry players to focus, achieve targets, and make a lasting impact. We invite brands and retailers to join the project and address key barriers to scaling up the use of recycled post-consumer cotton, receive recycled yarns and get help implementing them within their supply chain.