Circular economy – rational use of raw materials


The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experience as well as to present the results promoting the implementation of the circular economy in Europe within the scope of creating new ecological focused technological, organizational, and systemic solutions in the wider area of mineral resources management, as well as discussion and presentation of good practices. The proposed solutions, in accordance with the assumptions of the circular economy, should aim at keeping in the economy as long as possible the high value and quality of resources, materials, and products, minimizing the amount of generated waste, through its management as effective as possible. Rational management of resources in the light of the circular economy is present in many research areas, therefore the leading theme will be their rational use from primary and secondary sources, considering anticipated social and economic changes as well as innovative technological solutions.

The conference is being carried out as part of the international project “International cooperation for the Rational Use of Raw Materials and Circular Economy” supported by the National Agency for Academic Exchange.