The INNOWO Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development Foundation and the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency S.A. invite you to a two-day free workshop for representatives of public administration, local governments, law offices, NGOs and business.

Public procurement law in the circular economy meetings will take place on November 25 and 26 this year. In Rzeszow. (A detailed agenda is in the picture).

During the workshop, participants will gain practical knowledge in the development of the circular economy by using the public procurement process.

Experts leading the workshops will answer, among others:

✔️How does green public procurement support sustainable development?
✔️ What can you expect from suppliers?
✔️How do you prepare your company for the changing public procurement market?
The meetings will also be an opportunity to discuss the challenges of green public procurement and policies, strategies and technologies that support the development of circular solutions.

The number of places at the workshops is limited, the order of applications applies. Please send confirmation of participation to:

You're welcome.