COP 25 Side Event: Circular Economy Conference Brokerage Event by EuroChile


Venue: Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

The Circular Economy represents a shift from the traditional take-make-use-dispose model to one that focuses on designing out waste, maintaining the value of resources, materials and products for as long as possible and thus promoting more sustainable production and consumption patterns. In addition, the Circular Economy is gaining global recognition as a powerful tool for climate mitigation and as a model that can support sustainable economic development while allowing businesses to take effective climate action by avoiding and minimising emissions.

With the support of well-designed policies and regulations, the Circular Economy also has the capacity to encourage companies to set new standards for more efficient and sustainable processes and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Many companies in Europe, and more and more around the world, are implementing Circular Economy concepts within their production processes and business models as well as developing news businesses.

It is clear that the business sector has an important role to play in the transition to a Circular Economy and the objective of this event is to put an emphasis on the importance of the Circular Economy for climate mitigation and to discuss the opportunities and challenges of implementing Circular Economy concepts, especially within companies, and how policy makers and businesses can help shape more circular and sustainable societies.