Online Symposium on Circular Economy and Sustainability- Alexandroupolis, Greece


Online Symposium on 
Circular Economy and Sustainability
Alexandroupolis, Greece

1-3 July 2020

This online Sympozium is organized by INFER – International Network for Economic Research Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University. For the safety reasons, the Symposium will be held online. 


A lot of discussion has been initiated in policy forums regarding the transition from the traditional linear to a circular economic approach. Today, circular flow of income shows financial and non-financial interrelations among economic agents (e.g. firms, households and state) and natural environment through green GDP and satellites accounts. The most effort has been made to eliminate waste production from such agents without taking into account new opportunities which arise from waste production.

This Symposium provides an opportunity for those interested in any level of Circular Economy and Sustainability applications. From individual business or industrial zones to national, international or global policies that will make feasible the effective application of circular economy principles for achieving a Sustainable Development. Researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs are invited to submit both empirical and theoretical papers that are broadly consistent in any of the Symposium’s special topics. An ultimate goal will be to encourage researchers to examine the concepts of circular economy under a holistic scale approach.

A major innovation of this Symposium is the bridging of engineering and economic knowledge to support the effective advance of circular and sustainability principles bringing together the practical engineering knowledge with the economic implications in order to produce efficient policies. The Business and Environmental Technology Economics Lab of the Department of Environmental Engineering, the spearheading unit in circular economy of Democritus University of Thrace, together with prominent INFER organization, will support this interdisciplinary event.