dr inż. Lucyna Cichy

For over 15 years he has been dealing with the issues of sustainable development, including civilization hazards, environmental management, bioenergy technologies, the use of renewable energy sources. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Organization and Management at the Silesian University of Technology and post-graduate studies in the field of renewable energy - which she devoted, among others, to your doctoral dissertation. He currently works at the Central Mining Institute in Katowice. For over 20 years, he has been cooperating with the Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association, he holds the diploma of the NIF-NOT Expert Cleaner.

She is the author of numerous publications and scientific-research works in the field of environmental protection, as well as co-author of work, evaluation, commissioned by the Ministry of Development, in the implementation of the principle of sustainable development under Operational Programs, as well as strategic impact assessments - including related to the low-carbon economy. She cooperated, among others on the environmental protection program for one of the larger cities of the Silesian agglomeration, and also co-created the concepts of air monitoring for one of the Małopolska cities.

For many years, he has been participating in the implementation of domestic and foreign projects related to environmental protection, including in the area of ​​ecological education, social participation in the sustainable use of nature of Polish cities, use of geothermal energy from flooded hard coal mines, as well as opportunities and barriers related to the use of open databases in research related to the use of renewable energy sources.
He believes that the closed circuit economy is currently one of the most desirable forms of development - both within enterprises and households - enabling care for the surrounding environment.

Contact: lucymcichy@gmail.com