Konrad Nowakowski

A long-time employee of COBRO Instytut Badawczy OpakowaƄ, an entrepreneur and an active activist to improve the conditions of Polish entrepreneurs. In 2014, he initiated the founding of the Polish Chamber of Recycling and Packaging Recycling, which is today one of the key business environment organizations performing tasks in accordance with the concept of extended producer responsibility, bringing together entities from various industries, actively cooperating with government and local government authorities. He is the President in the Association. On a daily basis, implementing tasks related to packaging waste management.

He has experience in the field of practical application and interpretation of legal regulations for environmental protection, in particular waste regulations, including product law. A member of competition boards, among others Now Poland. Member of the Council for Sustainable Food Use and working groups on sustainable production and consumption, waste, CSR and Closed Circuit Management at the Ministry of Development. Long-term experience in the field of life-cycle assessment of LCA, PEF environmental trace, recycling technologies, design of packaging systems.