Circular Week 2019


In October 2019 (7-13th of October) International Circular Week will take place. Last year it was held in Poland, this year we have an ambitious goal to go international and organize it simultaneously in other European countries. We want to engage businesses, NGOs, local authorities to become a partner or organizer of the event.

Last year we organized a series of events across Poland involving various groups of stakeholders in activities devoted to the subject of circular economy. This year Circular Week will have international reach, at the same time initiatives will be taken in various parts of Europe, through which we will promote the idea of sustainable development.

The goal of Circular Week is to promote sustainable attitudes and behaviour of consumers, support circular business models and establish cooperation between interested parties.

Today no one needs to be convinced that environmental protection is a priority, but we have to show what each of us can do to contribute to circular concept implementation. And just as part of the entire week, we will bring consumers closer to the actions they can take to produce as little waste as possible, and at the same time do not give up the comfort of living. An excellent opportunity for this will be workshops on sustainable fashion, zero waste cooking, recycling etc.

We will show entrepreneurs how to move from a linear to a circular business model, how to implement sustainable products / services. Circular Week is to enable establishing and strengthening cooperation between various stakeholder groups. We also want to present legislative solutions that will encourage circular applications. 

The main goal of Circular Week is to involve as many people, companies and institutions as possible in the promotion and implementation of the circular economy concept. Everyone can become a co-organizer of the Circular Week, and the initiatives can take the form of e.g. a platform for the exchange of goods, repair cafes, workshops, happenings, sharing initiatives, etc. 

All events will take place simultaneously across Europe, and each day of the week will be devoted to a different topic. At the moment we propose the following topics: 

Monday: Construction / Industry 4.0 / Energy 
Tuesday: Packaging / Plastics / Food 
Wednesday: Textiles / E-waste 
Thursday: Circular cities 

The Mazovia Circular Congress, on 11th of October, will be the core event of the Circular Week. The congress is co-organized by the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development and the Mazovian Voivodship. The event will be a tremendous occasion to meet Polish and international experts and doers in the field of circular economy.

We want to involve as many people and institutions as possible in implementing and promoting a circular economy - anyone can become a co-organizer of Circular Week. We collect all initiatives related to this concept, place them on the event map ( and promote them as part of the International Circular Week.

If you want to become a partner / patron of the event, please contact us:
We invite you to cooperation!