Bioeconomy Cluster Association

Bioeconomy Cluster Association
The Association's mission is primarily to create a common platform for dialogue and cooperation for the scientific community and entrepreneurship in the broadly understood bioeconomy. We define our activities on two levels:

STRATEGIC, including impact on the legal environment in the field of bioeconomy and related industries; promoting beneficial solutions by developing good practices and business models for creating integrated cross-sectoral cooperation chains; cooperation with the administration in the field of: expert support, system solution proposals, opinions on draft legal acts, cooperation in the creation of strategic documents in the area of ​​bioeconomy and related industries; creation of national and international cooperation networks and development of interregional socio-economic activities.

OPERATIONAL including activities in the field of: implementation of own projects; implementation of projects implemented under national and international programs; supporting individual initiatives of the Association's partners; integration and concentration of the environment related to the bioeconomy and related industries, in particular scientific and business partnership; supporting the activity of Polish partners in international projects; advisory, consultancy and lobbying activities; organization and cooperation in pilot projects; marketing activities; cooperation in creating start-ups related to the area of ​​bioeconomy and related industries; creating hub, network and cluster structures with other legal entities as well as projects related to certification in the field of bioeconomy.

The activities of the Association will be at the level of:
REGIONAL - cooperation platform, economic promotion of the region,
NATIONAL - exchange of knowledge and experience, cooperation with state administration bodies, ideas and contacts platform, consultancy,
GLOBAL - international cross-sectoral cooperation.