We support the recovery and reprocessing of aluminum beverage cans and other packaging in which aluminum is the dominant material. We pursue our goals by disseminating knowledge about the possibilities of reusing all aluminum packaging and environmental and economic benefits. The Recal Aluminum Packaging Foundation has been operating continuously since 1995.

Thanks to the presence of RECAL Foundation on the Polish recycling market and its activities and actions, the level of aluminum recovery from beverage cans increased from 2 percent in 1995 to 80 percent in 2016. The Foundation develops, provides and helps to implement educational recycling programs for educational units ( schools, kindergartens), economic (waste management companies) and local government units.

Project Every Can Counts was established in Europe to encourage the recycling of beverage cans, especially outside the home - for example at work, during shopping, travel or leisure. The initiative was initiated in Great Britain thanks to the support of companies from the aluminum industry. The success on its domestic market meant that it was quickly extended to other countries: France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Greece, Spain, Ireland, and from 2017 also Belgium and Poland. Opening up to new cultures has resulted in building a perfect database of experience, information and materials, as well as the possibility of creating positive messages on a much wider scale.

Every Can Counts in Poland is implemented by the Recal Foundation, which since 1995 has been conducting campaigns encouraging the recycling of aluminum packaging. Thanks to the ECC support, the existing Recal activities have been enriched with a new interesting form of transferring knowledge about the benefits of proper handling of used packaging. The program is part of a strategy for responsible development of the largest organizations in the aluminum packaging industry: European Aluminum, Ardagh Group and Can Pack Group.

Workplace collection
Recycling of only one aluminum can saves energy needed for the computer for 3 hours! This is one of the most effective and simple forms of reducing the impact of your organization on the environment. Every Can Counts has already helped to organize a collection at over 2,000 partners.

What benefits Can Every Can Counts bring to your organization and the environment?
By joining the program you will receive a starter kit from us, which includes: cans, bags, information leaflet, posters encouraging the collection and individual certificate for your organization. We will also suggest what you can do with the collected cans to receive additional benefits, such as reducing the costs associated with garbage collection, collection for selected charities, or shopping vouchers for "shared coffee".

The most interesting activities will also be supported by additional prizes. In return, we only expect the implementation of the collection and information how many cans of sacks were collected within a year.

Detailed information and application to the project is available at