Foundation of Economy and Public Administration

The Open Eyes Economy is an intellectual and implementation movement focused on the values, economy and society – both on the regional and global level. It is a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the areas of economy, sociology, ecology and psychology, placing a man in the spotlight and considering the human role in the society. It is a mixture of world views, visions and beliefs. All this in order to take up a common dialogue and find solutions to the problems of contemporary society.

The Open Eyes Economy wants to change the reality. To improve space we live in. It wants to have a real impact on the world and consciously contribute to it. It wants to live in better and more beautiful cities, to buy from responsible, trustworthy companies and to identify with brands which consciously become involved in culture and social life. It wants to breathe clean air, to eat unprocessed products and to use reliable sources of information. The Open Eyes Economy is a way to  reality tailored to human needs and based on what is important – in the interest of future generations.
The Open Eyes Economy talks about ecology and its importance to our future. It draws attention to economical and conscious management of resources – not only food. It opens the eyes to changes in the society and their consequences. It addresses issues of the infringement of human rights in a profit-oriented, capitalist labour market. It puts the economy and its representative - the company-idea – in the spotlight. It is a company which consciously engages in social problems, it cares both for the individual and the entire society and, above all, it directs its profits to actions and not actions to profits.
From the beginning, the OEE has been travelling around Poland and around the world organising meetings, conferences, seminars and discussion panels. The culmination of this journey is a two-day summit held in the ICE Congress Centre in Krakow. The Open Eyes Economy Summit includes inspirational lectures, exciting slam battles as well as a lot of valuable and informative discussions carried out in the corridors of the Krakow Congress Centre. It is also a large group of distinguished personalities from the economy and business world, journalism, art, self-government and non-governmental organisations thanks to whom this intellectually stimulating interchange of ideas is possible.
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