United Kingdom - Aeropowder startup creating innovative materials from surplus feathers


Thousands of tons of feathers are produced by the poultry industry each day and are treated primarily as a waste by-product.
However, feathers have a number of interesting properties. The feathers are light, strong and thermally insulating.

Surplus feathers have been transformed into a unique, high-performance insulation material, and then covered with compostable food material. The result is a product that can be replaced by conventional polyester packaging and allow for more sustainable delivery.

Pluumo was created from Aeropowder, the world's first sustainable thermal packaging material made of feathers.
More and more deliveries are sent every day. For products containing temperature sensitive components, thermal insulation materials are needed to prevent deterioration. However, conventional products like Styrofoam have a devastating effect on the world around us.
Fortunately, nature already has a solution. Surplus feathers were cleaned and processed into a unique textile material, after which they were covered with biodegradable film to facilitate handling.