United Kingdom - Worn Again


Worn Again is a British startup company that wants to transform the textile and fashion industry thanks to polymer recycling technology. After over six years of intensive research and development, they have successfully developed a chemical process for separating, decontaminating and extracting polyester polymers and cellulose from reusable textiles, as well as plastic bottles and packaging, and converting them into raw materials.

Continuous production of new clothes from primary materials - such as oil, for the production of polyester and cotton, which absorbs huge amounts of soil, water and pesticides - in conjunction with poor recycling methods wreak havoc on our environment and our economy.

At Worn Again Technologies, it's not about holes in the loops. We want to close them. We believe that there is already sufficient textile material and plastic bottles above ground that are currently in circulation to meet our annual demand. We don't need any more "new" resources. What we need is to be better at transforming the old into the new.

More: http://wornagain.co.uk/