Other countries

Israel - Clariter

Clariter is an international clean-tech company that has created a revolutionary process, which addresses the world’s plastic waste problem.

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Germany - Refurbed

Share the sale of refurbished devices throughout Europe. Refurbed wants to contribute to the creation of a more used world and activate a pro-ecological attitude.

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France - Graapz

Graapz is a solution to the waste of unsold fruit and vegetables.

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United Kingdom - Worn Again

Worn Again is a British startup company that wants to transform the textile and fashion industry thanks to polymer recycling technology.

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United Kingdom - Aeropowder startup creating innovative materials from surplus feathers

Thousands of tons of feathers are produced by the poultry industry each day and are treated primarily as a waste by-product. However, feathers have a number of interesting properties. The feathers are light, strong and thermally insulating.

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Denmark - Too Good To Go

The Danish startup Too Good To Go is dedicated to the fight against food waste.

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