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Australia - Reusable coffee capsules

Did you know that a disposable plastic capsule breaks down over 500 years, releasing harmful amounts of methane? What's more, only 5% of capsule packaging produced is made from recycled materials.

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China - Cockroach Farms

The growing Chinese cities generate much more food waste than they can handle in landfills. In this regard, the Chinese invented that cockroaches can help in the disposal of this waste.

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Slovenia - shop without packaging

Ljubljana’s Reuse Centre features the Bert vending machine, which sells organic cleaning supplies, shampoos, several varieties of vinegar and oil to customers who bring their own (reuseable) packaging.

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Czech Republic - ECONIT - municipality without waste

Czech JRK Waste management found the way to reduce high quantities of mixed municipal waste, by introducing intelligent system of records (ECONIT).

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Denmark - OMNIA Suite grid platform

In Jutland nine independent energy, heating and water companies have created a common OMNIA data platform that allows technicians to read and manage all meters simultaneously. The obtained data is selected, visualized and analyzed, which allows detecting and removing water, energy and heat leaks. The intelligent system allows to optimize operations and maintain infrastructure.

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USA - AirCarbon, environmentally friendly bioplastic

The American company Newlight Technologies has developed a technology to capture CO2 and methane from air for the production of AirCarbon bioplastic. The new plastic, which consists of 40% oxygen from the air and 60% from coal and hydrogen, can replace in industry traditional plastic made from oil and other fossil fuels.

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