Case studies - Poland


With zero-waste initiatives on the rise, a team of activists and volunteers from PoznaƄ, Poland, decided to take the idea of sharing economy to the next level and create Po-Dzielnia, the first freeshop and sharing economy center in the country and one of the first in Europe.

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Venturis HoReCa

Venturis HoReCa is a food waste management company specializing in turning waste into gold in hospitality industry. How do they do this alchemy? They provide an IT system called KuMin.Sys, methodology, and solutions to optimize financial results via better planning of production. 

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Waxes by Malu are natural food packaging designed to replace food foil, aluminum foil or disposable plastic containers.

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MakeGrowLab is a Polish company whose goal is to limit the use of petroleum products, such as plastic packaging, as well as non-animal skins and other textiles, by replacing them with renewable, 100% plastic-free and compostable biomaterials.

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Eco disc - Natalia Przybysz

Natalia Przybysz, when releasing her new album, wanted it to be as friendly to our planet as possible.

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MP PROJECT is a company that offers services in the field of designing unique items by upcycling.

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