Contento Trade

Contento Trade is a private and accredited research centre founded in 1987 by Maria Pia Contento. Based on almost 30 years of experience, Contento Trade is able to offer the vide range assistance in technological problem solving for various industries. The company operates in the environmental sector including processes optimisation, LCA, energy use optimisation, waste, residues and subproductsvalorisation, and new products creation. Contento Trade develops new systems for the industrial waste recycling, reuse and valorisation. It is a leading European expert in ashes valorisation and designed. Contento Trade also develops new materials for the building industry and multiple other industrial applications. It also promotes innovation in food processing for agrifood and sea
food industry. Contento Trade R&D unit combines Advanced Instan thermic and chemical technologies according to the specific application. Contento Trade offers analysis and innovative problem solving for many production cycles as well as flexible technological solutions, easily insert optimising various key macro
Food sector solutions such as debacterisation, swell fresh, desiccated, and liquid products can be applied directly at an optimal Construction sector solutions include R&D for demolition, ceramisation, granulation, inertisation, stabilisation, and expansion processes. Contento Trade also operates as a test facility, reference laboratory, industrial pilot units producer and offers qualified services of environmental strategic consulting. It is open to cooperation and partnership for new products development, industrial prototyping, and layout design for technological transfer with costs of industrialisation.


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