MINE.THE.GAP Second call will open on 10 January!


The second call of the MINE.THE.GAP project is foreseen to open on 10 January 2022. It will aim at funding projects to make the mining and raw materials value chains more sustainable, circular, and digital, and tackle the current challenges that the mining sector is facing. It will be open to SMEs that:

  • work in the Raw Materials and Mining sector, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, Resource Efficiency, or Circular Economy 
  • are located in Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, or Sweden 
  • will engage in collaborative activities between two or three for-profit and/or public SMEs

This flyer gives an overview of the second call: MINE.THE.GAP: 2nd Open Call

All the relevant documents will be published online under Open Calls

MINE.THE.GAP offers you the possibility to find project partners for the MINE.THE.GAP funding scheme. Present yourself in the Partner Search and contact interested SMEs. For this, you make an eligibility check and if approved, you receive your user account.


Mine.The.Gap 2nd Open Call is coming soon!

- Gather your ideas!

- Brainstorm!

- Team up!

Your idea can #MineTheGap!